About Jaeger Sports

Jaeger Sports Philosophy

Jaeger Sports is a Southern California-based organization founded on the principle that training should address more than just an athlete's physical skills and preparation. Because a baseball player's performance is typically a reflection of his mental skills and focus, our programs are not limited solely to the physical (mechanical) aspects of training.

A significant amount of our training will address the development of each players mental approach to performance. More specifically, players learn that success is ultimately based on a mental trust that allows reactions, instincts and talents to take over in game situations, "when it counts".

This is crucial to understand because most players do not realize this and they are unable to relax and trust their natural abilities in game situations (even though they may be very relaxed in practice situations). Instead they tend to succumb to the external pressures and consequences of the performance environment and the internal pressures of trying too hard. The net result is that players find it hard to excel in game situations. Letting it happen turns into forcing it to happen and the game is no longer what it was intended to be - an "expression" of a player's talent and preparation.

The essence of our training programs integrate both physical and mental skills at all times, thus, preparing the entire athlete (body and mind) for both the practice and performance environment. It is through this integration of a players physical and mental skills that ultimately helps each player to not only train more efficiently, but ultimately, trust this preparation between the lines. Teaching each player how to mentally trust himself in game situations, regardless of the consequences or circumstances, is a major theme of Jaeger Sports.