Jaeger Sports Clinics


Thrive On Throwing & Getting Focused,
Staying Focused
Training Clinic

With Emphasis On:
• Injury Prevention • Arm Strength
• Mechanics • Mental Training

Jaeger Sports Professional
Participants Include:

Barry Zito, Pitcher, San Francisaco Giants
Dan Haren, Pitcher, Arizona Diamondbacks
Joel Zumaya, Pitcher, Detroit Tigers
Andrew Bailey, Catcher, Oakland A's

Clinic Itinerary

Station I

  1. Introduction of instructors philosophy
  2. Overview of the training program

Station II
Arm Care/Injury Prevention

  1. Arm Circles Demonstration
  2. Surgical Tubing Exercises Demonstration

Station III
Players Participation

  1. Arm Circles/Range of Motion
  2. Surgical Tubing Exercises

Station IV
"Long Toss" demonstration

  1. Stretching Out
  2. Pulling Down

Station V
Mechanics (Hip Drill)

  1. Arm Support
  2. Accuracy

Station VI
Post Throwing Conditioning (warm down)

  1. External Rotation Exercises
  2. Cardiovascular

Station VII
Mental Training

  1. What is Mental Training?
  2. Mental Skills must be Earned and Developed
  3. Game Management
    1. Practice vs. Performance (the art of performance)
    2. Confidence, Relaxation, Concentration
    3. Foreign vs Familiar Territory
  4. Mental Training Exercise
    1. Developing correct Breathing Patterns
    2. Imagery
    3. Visualization
  5. Batters Box Management
    1. The Mental side of hitting
  6. Mound Management
    1. The Mental side of pitching

Station VIII
Implementing A Personal Mental Practice

Station IX
Question and Answer

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or email us at jim@jaegersports.com

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