Player Testimonials

The J-Band is a great tool for building and maintaining arm strength through the duration of a long season. I have been using the J-Band for the past three seasons, and have noticed a significant difference in my velocity and arm strength. I also notice the difference going in to the later months of a season, as my velocity has not dropped from the beginning of the season.'R'§ionType=career&statType=2&season=2014&level='ALL'
Clayton Kershaw, Pitcher, Los Angeles Dodgers, 2011,2013, 2014 Cy Young Award Winner, and 2014 MVP Award Winner

Working with Jaeger Sports has made my arm very strong, durable and flexible and that's something every pitcher wants and looks for...long toss is definitely the biggest part of my game.

Barry Zito, Pitcher, San Francisco Giants, 2002 Cy Young Award Winner

The Hamels Foundation is excited to partner up with Jaeger Sports and their Arm Strength and Conditioning Program. Health, Strength, Endurance and Recovery Period are a priority to any players arm and that's why we've made the J-Band Program an integral part of our Pitching Camps.

The Hamels Foundation.
Cole Hamels, Philadelphia Phillies, 2008 World Series MVP, Hamels Foundation PItching Camps

The Jaeger Training Program has really developed me physically as well as mentally...the mental training and discipline you learn is exactly the thing that will enhance athletes not only in baseball but in life as well...being a pitcher the Long Toss Throwing Program is a great way to condition your arm and build arm strength

Michael Montgomery, Pitcher, Tampa Bay Rays, 2009 Minor League Pitcher of the Year

When I realized that I left my J-Bands in Tampa Bay I immediately had another pair shipped to me overnight in Colorado -- that's how much I value my J-Bands and how important they are to the health, strength and endurance of my arm.

Matt Garza, Pitcher, Milwaukee Brewers, 2008 ALCS MVP

I would compare my time at the Jaeger Sports Summer Camp to a spiritual awakening. The stretching got me in touch with my inner feelings, the warmup opened the door, the long toss took my arm on a walk, showed me the way, and allowed me to walk through it, and the mental training solidified the whole process.

Trevor Bauer, Pitcher, Cleveland Indians, 2011 Golden Spikes Award Winner

Attending Jaeger Sports Pro Winter Camp helped me get over the edge to where I am now, especially the Long Toss Throwing Program. I still use, and believe heavily in Long Toss.

Andrew Bailey, Pitcher, Oakland Athletics, 2009 A.L. Rookie Of The Year

The J Bands and Long Toss Program really helped my arm strength, my velocity and my overall arm health.  Its really helped me become the player that I am today.  I would like to thank Alan and Jim for the hard work they put into working with me — they really care about the players they help.

Tyler Skaggs, Pitcher, Arizona Diamondbacks

The Jaeger Long Toss Program and J-Bands has helped me build up my velocity over the years.  I stretch out with my J-Bands before every throwing session.

Lucas Giolito, Pitcher, Washington Nationals

The Jaeger Long Toss Throwing Program is something I have followed every time I throw. It has helped me generate feel with the baseball, get my body synced up when throwing and promotes arm health by listening to how your body feels that particular day. It's a great program that challenges the athlete to use their athleticism to its max potential. I have also used J-Bands in my daily routine for the last 3 years. This is a tool every baseball player should have with them. There is no better way to promote arm health than to have a set of J-Bands.

Andrew Moore, Pitcher, Seattle Mariners Organization

Long Toss is a very important part of my daily throwing everyday. Getting out to 300 feet is part of my everyday routine to keep my arm feeling good. If I am not able to throw long distance I can definitely feel a difference in my arm. The Jaeger Long Toss program has totally helped my arm get in shape each and every season

Riley Pint, Pitcher, Colorado Rockies Organization


J-Bands are integral for my preparation and routine
Tyler Beede, Pitcher, San Francisco Giants


My arm is at its best right now because of the J-Bands and Long Toss
Luke Weaver, Pitcher - RHP, St. Louis Cardinals


Being able to prep my arm with J-Bands and then going out and doing my Long Toss has never made my arm feel better.  I've been feeding my arm for over 1 and a 1/2 years and I was able to top out at 97mph as a senior in High School because of it.  If your a baseball player and you want a healthy and strong arm then J-Bands and Long Tossing are a must.

Kodi Medeiros, Pitcher, Milwaukee Brewers

I J-Band everyday...I don't feel right without them!

Lucas Sims, Pitcher, Atlanta Braves

The J-Bands and Long Toss throwing program allow me to best condition my arm and pitch at my top speed.

Monica Abbott, Pitcher, Chicago Bandits, 2007 USA Player of the Year, 2008 USA Olympic Team


Jaeger Sports J-Bands and Long Toss have become essential to the Health and Strength of my arm. I encourage anyone who does an over the head sport to use J-Bands. 

Nick Burdi, Pitcher, Minnesota Twins

We would go out to Pierce Junior College and long toss and just have a good throw - I still do that in between starts and even before I start. I've taken this program and molded it into my own and still use it to this day.'R'§ionType=career&statType=2&season=2014&level='ALL'
Dan Haren, Pitcher, Florida Marlins, All Star, 2007-2009

The J Band is a great tool that I use to loosen, strengthen and build important muscles that I need to pitch to the best of my ability. Ill use J Bands for the rest of my career.

Brian Matusz, Pitcher, Baltimore Orioles


I can't thank Jaeger Sports enough for their friendship, time and support.  I have been following their Long Toss program and using their J-Bands since I started pitching. Their program has helped me maintain a healthy arm and reach 97 mph.
Cameron Varga, Pitcher, Tampa Bay Rays

Jaeger Sports has not only enabled me to throw harder, but to throw without any mental interference.

Randy Wolf, Pitcher, Los Angeles Dodgers

I've been using the J-Bands since 2003 and now it only takes me a few minutes to get my shoulder muscles warmed up. As a result, my arm feels stronger and it doesn't get as fatigued.

Aaron Harang, Pitcher, San Diego Padres


Jaeger Sports arm band program is an instrumental part of my game. My arm strength in 2004 has been the strongest it has ever been throughout my baseball experience. People ask me why my arm never gets sore. My response - my game preparation consists of an arm band workout and long toss.

James Darnell, 3B, San Diego Padres

Ever since I have been using the Jaeger bands I have seen a dramatic increase in arm strength and overall health of my shoulder. No longer do I worry about a sore arm. Everyday my arm feels fresh and strong. I have implemented the band work before every game and practice and now my arm is at its strongest.

Jeff Kobernus, Infielder, Washington Nationals


I was introduced to the Jaeger Throwing Program between my freshman and sophmore year of high school -- that's about the time I started noticing a gradual gain in my velocity. I give a lot of credit to the Jaeger Bands and Long Toss Throwing Program to getting me where I'm at today. It's all about listening to your arm -- it will tell you how far out you can long toss and when to stop.

John Lamb, Pitcher, Kansas City Royals, 2010 Minor League Pitcher of the Year

I started using J-Bands a few years ago in High School and I'll never go back. Since using them my arm feels looser, has more range of motion and I just flat out feel better prepared to throw a baseball.  Since using the Jaeger Long Toss Throwing Program,  I have gained velocity, elasticity, and most importantly a relationship with my arm.

Mitch Brown, Pitcher, Cleveland Indians

The Jaeger Sports Arm Care Program has brought my pitching ability to new heights. Through the J-Bands, Arm Circles, Yoga, and Mental Training exercises I have seen my arm strength vastly increase within one years time while maintaining a healthy body. I now understand what is meant by becoming "one with your arm." All I can say is try the program and you will not be let down. God Bless.

Anthony Bass, Pitcher, San Diego Padres

Jaeger Sports program has made me concentrate on what's important in pitching, arm strength, breathing, and focusing on the process. I wouldn't be the pitcher I am today without Jaeger Sports.

D.J. Houlton, Pitcher, Fukuoka Soft Band Hawks, Japan

I always had a difficult time finding the proper warm up tool before I threw and when I was introduced to the J-Bands in college, I haven't used anything else and never plan to change based on how good my arm feels now.

Daniel Schlereth, Pitcher, Detroit Tigers

I am a firm believer in long tossing and have long tossed my entire baseball career. Going into my senior year of High School and getting ready for the draft I had learned of Jaeger Sports and their Long Tossand J-Band tubing program. I immediately bought into the program on a daily basis and it helped breed success during my senior season and got me drafted by the Blue Jays. During my first Spring Training, I found it harder and harder to get my long toss in due to time and other throwing responsibilities. Thus, I saw a decrease in my velocity. I went from a low to mid 90s pitcher in high school to an 87-91mph my first spring training. It was frustrating. In fact it changed my whole approach to pitching. Quickly I looked for answers and by no coincidence I turned back to the Jaeger long toss and tubing program. Within a matter of only 2 weeks of doing the correct throwing I saw my velocity jump back up to the normal 91-95 mph. It was no conicidence. This stuff works! I recommend this program and everything with it 100% because it can always be that constant in your baseball career.

Daniel Norris, Pitcher, Toronto Blue Jays

I owe my career to my jbands.  It allowed me to loosen and strengthen my arm back from surgery.  Without the jbands I wouldn't have been able to build a base to get back to the big leagues!!

Cory Wade, Pitcher, New York Yankees

Jaeger Sports simplified what I have been trying to make difficult for a while now.  I have always felt like I had a strong arm but when I began to put limits on how far I would throw (such as no further than 120ft), I began to see a decrease in my arm action and my arm felt like it was not as live.  That’s when I came across Jaeger Sports.  I mentioned how I used to always long toss but over the past couple seasons I had got away from it.  He introduced me to his program.  I started the throwing program about 6 weeks before the start of camp.  Now I am never turning back.  The J-bands and Throwing programs will always be apart of my game.

Brent Leach, Pitcher, L.A. Dodgers

The best thing I ever did was go to the Jaeger Baseball Training Camp when I was a freshman. It taught me the right way to throw with velocity and control. I work out in the off-season with Jim Wagner runs the Jaeger Baseball Training Camp in Santa Clarita. Together they have me reaching my potential. I am now a senior and after 4 years of using their philosophy my velocity has gone from the low 70's to the low 90's. I have been offered scholarships from some of the best D-1s and have had as many as a dozen pro scouts at my games. I use the J-bands and long toss program as part of my workouts and I use the mental approach right before I do my pre-game really helps me focus on throwing.

China McCarney, Pitcher, Cal State University, Northridge

When I need to get ready for a game the first thing I reach for are my J-Bands. J-Bands make my arm feel healthier and stronger with every use. With Yoga and Visualization to prepare for the season, I've never felt more physically and mentally ready to take the ball every 5th day.

Jason Hirsh, Pitcher, Colorado Rockies

For me, doing the Jaeger Pro Camp helped my mind, helped me be more relaxed, and the J Band work and Long Toss made my arm feel strong every time I threw. I recommend this program to anyone.

Colin Balester, Pitcher, Washington Nationals

Because I long tossed (as far as 350 feet) and did my j-bands religiously I topped out at 98 mph in my first high school start this year. It's a package can't do one without the other. Now I know how to maintain the health of my arm and my velocity.

Mark Rogers, Pitcher, Milwaukee Brewers, 2004 1st Round Draft Pick

All around, my arm is 100% stronger from doing the arm circles and J-Bands — I don't know anything else that makes your arm stronger than long toss.

Trevor Bell, Pitcher, Anaheim Angels, 2005 1st Round Draft Pick

I recommend Alan's program to anybody who is dedicated to the sport of baseball and is interested in having a long and healthy career.

Mike Lieberthal, Catcher, Los Angeles Dodgers

My arm has more life and energy than I ever thought possible thanks to the Jaeger Camp.The arm strength program combined with the mental training has allowed me to reach a new level of my game. I enter spring training every year confident that my arm and mind are more healthy and conditioned than any other player on the field.

Cody Evans, Pitcher, Arizona Diamondbacks

I really recommend this program to anybody who is serious about strengthening their arm. It's also going to improve the longevity of any ones career.

Glendon Rusch, Pitcher, Chicago Cubs

The Jaeger Sports throwing program really works. By using the program you will add velocity, prevent injury, and change the way you train. After trying multiple arm strengthening programs, there is no doubt that the Jaeger Sports program is the best.

Mike Stutes, Pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies

I have been an avid user of J-Bands ever since I entered high school. They have helped both my shoulder and elbow to remain healthy from major injuries for the last 7 years. I have also maintained the velocity and conditioning I need to succeed at the highest level of this sport. I would recommend these J-Bands to any baseball player who wants their arm to remain healthy through the everyday stress that is put on it.

Adam Olbrychowski, Pitcher, Washington Nationals

The Jaeger Sports Training Program has helped me improve the health and strength of my arm...and the mental training helps you relax and have a clear mind. The whole program is great...from the j-bands to the mental training.

Joel Zumaya, Pitcher, Detroit Tigers

I use the Jaeger bands every day before the game and continue to see not only improvement in arm strength but there's also no doubt in my mind that my arm will remain healthy throughout the long season. It's an indescribable feeling when you gear up to throw the ball as hard as you can from the outfield and know that your arm strength will be there, time after time.

Adam Klein, Outfielder, Oakland Athletics

Stamina is a key throughout the course of a long season. Jaeger Sports has enabled me to maintain the strength and stamina of my arm for the duration of the season.

Matt Whisenant, Former Major League Pitcher

If it wasn't for Jaeger Sports, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Bryan Corey, Pitcher, San Diego Padres

I was struggling a little with my focus on being consistent with every pitch and every hitter. I started to listen to the Jaeger Sports Mental Training CD to get the focus I needed. I have started listening to it every night before I go to bed and before I go out and pitch. I have seen a big improvement on my consistency with my pitches and my walk numbers going down.

Jo Jo Reyes, Pitcher, Toronto Blue Jays

I started this program during the summer of 2009 and this program has really helped me get my arm in shape. I've had arm problems every year prior to starting this program, but in 2010 I was able to pitch 150 innings between college, summer and professional ball without a single arm problem. The arm circles and bands have made my shoulders stronger and my arm feels great every day that I pick up a baseball. I have also increased my velocity and control with all my pitches! Truly a great way to improve your game.

Boone Whiting, Pitcher, St. Louis Cardinals

Anytime you talk about attaining goals, you must first talk about developing your process and routine. The JBA has found the routine that address both your physical and mental needs.

Trevor Hoffman, Pitcher, Milwaukee Brewers

This camp will have an everlasting affect on me both as a player and a person.

Jeff Rapoport, Outfielder, UCLA

I wanted to express my thanks to you for the amazing week I had in California.  I want to thank you and your staff for making me truly believe there is even more I can do to better myself.  Before I had come out there I can say that I was a good pitcher, and a smart one, but I know through your knowledge and teachings that I can become great and it really gave me something to believe in. Not only do I feel better physically, but I feel better mentally knowing I am making the strides to achieve my dream and I know it would not be possible without this program.

Ryan Miller, Pitcher, Rider University

Before starting the Jaeger program, I wasn't religious with any pre-game warmup or throwing program. Since starting the program in the summer of 2004, my arm has never felt better. After only a few weeks I saw and felt the difference. My arm consistently felt great, and I was always eager to throw. My 2006 season was my best statistically, physically, and mentally. My daily use with the J-Bands had my arm feeling great before and after my start. Another great part of the Jaeger Baseball program that has helped my game is their mental training book, "Getting Focused, Staying Focused." I read through this book regularly, and it has greatly strengthened my mental part of the game. I highly recommend the entire Jaeger program for anyone interested in having a successful and healthy career.

Clayton Tanner, De La Salle High School, 2006 3rd Round Draft Pick, San Francisco Giants

When it comes to working with Jaeger Sports, it comes down to the "Bands and the Breath" — it's pretty simple, Jbands to stretch out, proper breathing to get locked into the mental side of the game.

Ryan Paul, Pitcher, San Fransisco Giants

I cant say enough good things about the Jaeger Program. My body has never felt as good throwing a baseball as it did while I was out for the Pro Camp. Now I just try to carry all that I learned into the season with me.

Jeremy Plexico, Pitcher, Washington Nationals

The Mental Training from the Jaeger Sports Pro Camp has taught me how to be calm with runners in scoring position by tuning into my breath — this allows me to focus on the task at hand, and this is what has contributed to my success.

Brok Butcher, Pitcher, Los Angeles Angels

Jaeger Sports is synonymous with success. Through mental training and breathing, anything is possible. The J-Bands are an essential part of my warm up routine as well. With the use of the J-Bands and breathing, I'm able to lock in to my process both mentally and physically, which is a recipe for success.

Matt Hirsh, Pitcher, York Revolution/Atlantic League

J-Bands are a huge part of my daily routine. It keeps me loose, strong and feeling good all season long. I also use it in the off-season as a part of my strength program to keep the shoulder muscles in shape even when I'm not throwing everyday.

John Meloan, Pitcher, Cleveland Indians

The Southern California Bombers 14u team had a very successful run last summer and finish the season as AABC Sandy Koufax 14u World Series Champions. Thanks to your throwing program. Had you guys out and the results have been incredible.

S. Cal Bombers 14u, 2007 team, Bombers Baseball Club of S. California

I have been using the Jaeger Sports' Throwing and Mental Training program for over three years. My arm has gotten stronger, my velocity has increased and I'm confident when I'm on offense and defense. By using their methods, I know I'll always have one of the strongest arms on the field.

Will Chapman, Outfielder, UC Davis

If you are a player looking for an edge then the Jaeger Sports system is what you have been looking for. Jaeger Sports has a comprehensive system that addresses both the mental and physical aspects of the game. The fact is that the two aspects complement each other and are needed to be a complete player. I know that when I step on the mound that the other team better be ready, cause I am. With this program you will get that feeling as well and see your potential maximized.

Steven Held, Pitcher, Olivet Nazarene University