Training Programs

Mental Training
Today's athletes spend the majority of their time on physical preparation. But we know from experience that if athletes are going to be successful, then ultimately, they will need mental tools and strategies to stay focused throughout their physical preparation and performance...

At the core of our physical training programs for pitchers and hitters is Yoga. Yoga is a 4000 year old art form that is designed to bring a persons body, mind and essence into "union" or harmony...

Arm Strength & Conditioning
Throwing is a lost art. Throwing isn't something that we should do "just" to get our arms loose. Throwing should be done to maximize that skill, to develop it like any other skill to be a strength rather than a potential career threatening weakness...

Pro Off-Season Training Camp
This training program addresses three major areas: 1) Arm Strength and Conditioning, 2) Stretching and Flexibility, and 3) The Mental Approach to Baseball or Mental Training. Of these three areas nothing is more important than mental training, and it is the central theme throughout the camp...

Baseball Training Camp (Summer) (Winter)
Jaeger Sports' off-season training camp for amateur baseball players (adopted from our Professional Off-Season Program) is designed to optimize a player's development by providing a baseball camp for training only...

Thrive On Throwing & Getting Focused,
Staying Focused - Training Clinic

With Emphasis On:
• Injury Prevention • Arm Strength
• Mechanics • Mental Training

Private Lessons
Jaeger Sports offers private instruction at various times throughout the year for Mental Training, Arm Strength & Conditioning. Pitching (Throwing) Mechanics and Stretching/Flexibility.

Please call for appointments at 310.665.0746.

Thrive On Throwing at
Hardtke World Of Baseball (San Jose)

Alan Jaeger's "Thrive on Throwing"
Arm Strengthening Program for Youth Players
Ages 8-14

Call HWOB 408.866.8050 for more information.