At Jaeger Sports we believe that an Athlete’s best chance to succeed and reach their full potential relies on more than just physical skills. We focus a lot of our training on Mental and Physical preparation and encourage athletes to have full Body and Mind Awareness. Below is a list of our Training Programs:


Arm Strength & Conditioning Program

The Jaeger Sports Arm Strength and Conditioning program is designed to keep athletes healthy and to help athletes gain arm strength. We achieve this with the Jaeger Sports Throwing Program. The Jaeger Sports Throwing program consists of three parts: Arm Circles, J-Bands™, and Long Toss. With proper implementation, athletes will be healthier, able to train more effectively and gain arm strength.


Mental Training Program

It is essential for athletes to incorporate Mental Training into their training regiment. It is also essential that coaches incorporate Mental Training into their practice plan daily to optimize individual and team performance. We strongly believe in the value of Mental Practice and Preparation. The Jaeger Sports Mental Training is designed not only to be easy to understand, but also easy to implement.


Private Lessons

Jaeger Sports offers private instruction at various times throughout the year for Arm Strength & Conditioning and Mental Training.

Please email or call for availability: 310-665-0746


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