breathe bracelet from jaeger sports
breathe bracelet from jaeger sports

Breathe Bracelet


Remind your players to #Breathe and Stay in the Moment! Available in Team packages of 12, 24 and 36 bracelets

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Get your Breathe Bracelet and keep your players focused and remind them to #Breathe and Stay in the Moment! Available in Team packages of 12, 24 and 36 baseball bracelets.

Be sure to check out our Jaeger Sports Authentic Baseball Cap and our #Breathe Dry Fit Shirt. It’s a great way to show college and professional scouts that you are a product of one of Jaeger Sports unique training programs.

Jaeger #Breathe Bracelet

Consider The Jaeger Sports VIP Package includes everything that we have to offer! For the Ultimate Athlete and Jaeger Sports Fan the VIP Package offers the J-Bands™ in the color of your choosing, the Thrive on Throwing 2 DVD, the Jaeger Sports Year Round Throwing Manual, the Getting Focused Staying Focused Mental Training book, a Jaeger Sports Retro Flex Fit Hat, a Jaeger Sports #FeedIt Dry Fit shirt and a Jaeger Sports athletic rubber “Breathe” Bracelet!

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