Complete Competitor Team Package


Save $30! Buy 10+ J-Bands™, J-Bands™ ELITE or J-Bands™ Jr. and get the Complete Competitor Team Package for only an additional $49.95! (Minimum Order of 10 J-Bands™ is Required)

The Complete Competitor Team Package is the entire Jaeger Sports Program in Digital Form. It includes our Throwing Program Video, Year Round Throwing Manual, Lower Body/Core Program, Mental Training Book as well as tips and stories from the Jaeger Sports Staff!

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The Complete Competitor Team Package Includes the Following:

Digital Content:

  • Thrive on Throwing 2 Video
  • Lower Body / Core Program
  • Year Round Throwing Manual
  • Stretching and Breathing Insights
  • Getting Focused, Staying Focused – Mental Training Book
  • Insights and Personal Experiences from the Jaeger Sports Team

The Complete Competitor Team Package includes every aspect of our training programs that we implement all over the world with our athletes and teams. The unique part of this package is that we share our insights and personal experiences to help you optimize the implementation of the entire Jaeger Sports Program. If you put the work in, you will get the results. 

The J-Bands™, J-Bands™ Jr., and J-Bands™ Elite allow you to perform the 11 Exercise J-Bands™ routine for Arm Care and Conditioning as well as the 9 Exercise Lower Body Core Program to achieve a full-body warm up. The J-Bands™ exercise program is essential for arm health and arm strength while promoting endurance, recovery period and increased velocity.

The Thrive on Throwing 2 Video takes you through the entire Jaeger Sports Arm Care and Long Toss Throwing Program. Based on three major principles — Arm Care, Long Toss and Throwing Mechanics — Thrive On Throwing 2 helps players maximize the Health, Strength, Endurance and Recovery Period in their arms. This Video takes athletes through the three phases of the Jaeger Sports Arm Care Program: 1. Arm Circles  2. J-Bands™  3. Long Toss

The Lower Body / Core Program is a 9 Exercise J-Bands™ Routine. We have taken the same philosophy from our Arm Care and Conditioning Routine and applied it to the Lower /Body Core Program. This is a great routine to supplement our Arm Care and Conditioning Program and can be utilized all year long to train and keep the lower body and core in optimal condition.

The Jaeger Sports Year Round Throwing Manual is designed to give players, coaches and parents a plan of action to implement our Arm Care and Throwing Program by not only optimizing the Health, Strength, Endurance and Recovery Period of the arm, but to gain insight into how to best navigate the four major seasons or periods throughout the year (Off Season, In Season, Summer Months, Rest Periods). This manual is based on 25 years of experience and is a step-by-step approach to take out all of the guess work when it comes to taking care of the arm and optimizing Arm Health and Arm Strength.

The Mind/Body Connection and Mind/Body Awareness is an imperative part of the Jaeger Sports Program. We have included a Stretching and Breathing breakdown as well as our personal experiences about the power of Mental Training. 

Getting Focused, Staying Focused embodies the Mental Training approach that Jaeger Sports utilizes. Written by Alan Jaeger, the founder and creator of Jaeger Sports, Getting Focused, Staying Focused has an amazing balance of a Far Eastern Approach and the “mechanics” of the Western Athlete. This book will give an in-depth look into the Philosophy of Jaeger Sports Mental Training and will also give concrete steps and exercises on how to implement the training in every day life.

Get the most out of your career and maximize your physical and mental training with the Complete Competitor Team Package!

BUNDLE AND SAVE! Buy 10+ J-Bands™, J-Bands™ ELITE or J-Bands™ Jr. and get the Complete Competitor Team Package for only $49.95! Discount will be applied once The Complete Competitor Team Package is added to cart.

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