Arm Care is a phrase thrown around a lot these days and we want to simplify it for Parents, Coaches and Players alike. We have broken it down into three simple bullet points below so you can always know the simple fundamentals of Arm Care.

Arm Care is:

  • Preparing the Arm for the activity it is going to do on a given day.
    For Example: doing Arm Circles and J-Bands™ before you throw
  • Prioritizing Recovery for the Arm after aggressive or strenuous activity
    For Example: Ice after throwing if preferred, Run after throwing for blood flow and increased recovery, Rest after throwing, etc.
  • Listening to the individual’s needs when it comes to Arm Care.

Whether you are the athlete, or you are monitoring the athlete, you have to listen to the Arm and Body when training. If you are experiencing pain, back off and rest. If you know you can push a little more to maximize training, do so. 

“Listen To Your Arm” is our Arm Care Slogan and is the key to your prolonged success. FeedIt!


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